Updated: 2017/01/24

Clickoo Privacy Policy

Clickoo Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Clickoo”, “we”, “us” “our” and other comparable pronouns) considers that your privacy is of prime importance. If you wish to learn more, please read The following Privacy Policy (the “Policy”), which details how we use information that we receive and collect from you in relation to our website located at http://www.Clickoo.com (the “Clickoo Website”), the Clickoo mobile applications (the “Clickoo Software”) any updates or upgrades that are made available from time to time, the information collected by Clickoo in relation to the operation of the Clickoo Software as defined in the Clickoo Terms of Service and other products provided on the Clickoo Website (together hereinafter referred to as the “Clickoo Products”).

  1. Information that is gathered and used by Clickoo
    1. During the installation and registration process of the Clickoo Software, Clickoo will request that you provide your name and your primary phone number You also consent to providing access to your address book (names, phone numbers, and email addresses but not any other personal information) stored on your iOS or Android device. You may also choose to provide us with your age, gender, and any other additional information. All of the above hereinafter shall be referred to as “Personal Information”.
    2. If you choose not to provide any or parts of the Personal Information as described above, then Clickoo retains the right not to offer parts or the whole of the Clickoo Products to you. Your Personal Information will be stored on our servers, and we will use it for the following purposes:
      1. to alert you when your contacts start to use any of the Clickoo Products;
      2. to inform you about which of your contacts are already Clickoo users;
      3. to ensure that contact information appears accurately on your device when you receive a call from another Clickoo user;
      4. to inform you when a person or Clickoo user tries to make contact with you;
      5. the circumstances as set out in clause 3 below
      6. to offer you the chance to take part in any promotions, surveys, questionnaires or giveaways; and
      7. to provide you with news, updates and information in relation to current and new Clickoo Products.
    3. We shall use your phone number for identification purposes when you install and use the Clickoo Software. Verification of the number supplied by you shall be confirmed via an SMS or Interactive Voice Response sent to your iOS or Android device.
    4. Your address book is stored by us on an active database, which has no backup function. As such, should you choose to delete the whole or any part of your address book, then it shall be entirely removed from our database and servers.
    5. A record of every call that you make is retained by Clickoo (which is referred to in the phone companies industry as a “Call Detail Record” or “CDR”)). Every phone company retains such records as standard practice. Our purpose in maintaining a CDR is:
      1. to analyse user behavour;
      2. to identify potential technical problems with Clickoo Products; and
      3. to manage billing and related disputes; and
      4. for the protection of the general public.
    6. Particular CDRs may also be inspected by us where it is necessary to do so in relation to a customer support and/or law enforcement request. All CDR data is collated in an anonymous fashion. CDRS are kept by us for no longer than required by applicable law.
    7. Clickoo-to-Clickoo voice calls are directly connected between the two or more (for conference calling) Clickoo users. If, for any reason, a direct connection cannot be established, then Clickoo servers are utilized to connect the call. No part of your call is ever recorded when the Clickoo servers are utilized.
    8. We may from time to time ask you to voluntarily provide information by submitting a feedback form or by taking part in a survey. Such information is used for the purposes of improving the quality of Clickoo Products (including the Clickoo Software and Clickoo Website).
  2. The ways in which Clickoo may use gathered information
    1. During your use of the Clickoo Software, certain information may be stored by us and used in order to deliver the best possible Clickoo Products to you. Some of the data collected by Clickoo is used for identity verification, resolving disputes, providing customer support and troubleshooting purposes. We may also use Personal Information provided by you that does not identify you personally (such as your age and gender) to provide advertisements which we hope you will find more appealing.
    2. Information as and when provided by you that is typically stored by us includes:
      1. Your Personal Information and any other necessary data (whether electronic or otherwise) that we use to identify you when you use the Clickoo Products;
      2. User profile information;
      3. Information that we use for billing and processing payments (including traffic data);
      4. Information used for payment (Bank account and credit card details);
      5. The results of any questionnaires, surveys, or other feedback that you may provide to us;
      6. Data that is collected during your interaction with the Clickoo Software and the Clickoo Website relating to your use of the same;
      7. purchased Clickoo Products ;
      8. Communications between you and Clickoo; and
      9. Clickoo Content (“Content” means any or all content consisting of text, stickers, sounds, pictures, photos, video and/or any type of information or communications, and includes location data).
  3. Disclosing your Information
    1. Except as provided in this title, Clickoo does not communicate or provide your Personal Information to any third parties. There are however certain circumstances in which Clickoo will have to disclose your Personal Information:
      1. In order to preserve and protect our equipment used to provide the Clickoo Products and our rights (whether intellectual property or rights under an agreement);
      2. where there is a legal requirement to do so or where legal action is taken against us; and
      3. where the personal safety of our users or members of the public is at risk.
    2. Clickoo may also share your Personal Information and traffic data with trusted third parties in order to provide you with an optimal service. Clickoo ensures that our trusted third parties take all necessary measures to protect your Personal Information and traffic data and comply with the appropriate laws and regulations.
    3. The circumstances under which we may share your Personal information with trusted third parties are as follows:
      1. Apple’s Push Notification Service may be utilized by us to alert you when you miss a phone call or instant message. Such alerts may contain the phone number and name of the person who called as part of the message that you receive. We send the message to Apple Inc., who delivers the message to your iPhone.
      2. Google’s Push Notification Service may be utilized by us to alert you when you miss a phone call or instant message. Such alerts may contain the phone number and name of the person who called as part of the message that you receive. We send the message to Google Inc., who delivers the message to your Android device.
      3. We reserve the right to send you messages in respect of faults, as well as any other service issues that may arise, and to use email, the Clickoo Software or SMS to alert you in respect of any claims that relate to your use of the Clickoo Products.
      4. Advertisements that appear through the Clickoo Software and Clickoo Products will sometimes be provided to you through Clickoo’s advertising partners who may use cookies, web beacons, and/or other technology. Our advertising partners may also collect information that does not identify you personally (such as recording the number of times you view a particular advert) to deliver advertisements to you. The use of such technology by our advertising partners is subject to their own privacy policies and is not covered by our Privacy Policy.
  4. Children’s Privacy
    Clickoo does not purposefully collect or maintain Personal Information from users who we know are under the age of 13. The Clickoo Website and its content are not designed to target potential users who are under 13 years of age.
  5. No liability for Third-Party Sites
    All internet users should be mindful when entering Personal Information or when using the Internet. Clickoo takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for any third party websites.
  6. Additional features that Clickoo may provide
    Clickoo may decide to provide additional features to you such as status updates, text, and blogs (hereinafter referred to as “Channels”). Clickoo takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for the disclosure, collection, and use of any information and Content posted on such Channels. When you post information and Content on a Channel, you should be aware that any such information or Content that you post is readily available and accessible to other users. Other users may also collect and use any information or Content that you post. In order to avoid receiving unwanted messages from third parties, you should therefore be careful when posting any Personal Information and/or Content on any Channel. Clickoo does not have any power over users and other site visitors, or the messages they send to each other. As such, we recommend that you do not post any personal or other information or Content that you prefer to keep private and confidential.
  7. Cookies, Clear GIFs, and your Internet Protocol Address
    1. Cookies: these are pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual’s hard drive. They enable your computer and browser to save information when you visit the Clickoo website (such as your User ID and password, for easy log in). Cookies also help to improve and enhance the user’s experience, by, for example, tailoring the design and content of the Clickoo website. Your web browser should have an option to enable or disable cookies. If you choose to have cookies enabled, you may also choose to be informed and whether to accept when any particular website sends you a cookie. Similar options are available on and through Flash Player in relation to Flash cookies. However, if you decide not to accept cookies from the Clickoo Website, this may totally or partially impair the functionality of the whole or parts of the Clickoo Website.
    2. Clear GIFS: The Clickoo Website and any communications sent to you by Clickoo may also make use of clear GIFs (known also as “Web beacons” and “tracking pixels”) or technology of a similar nature. Clear GIFS are visible (but more commonly, invisible) images that are embedded in websites, emails and other messages and are used by us to keep a record of the number of visits to the Clickoo Website and to let us know when you have received and opened an email from us. This helps us to assess the performance of our communications to you and consider how successful our marketing strategies are.
    3. Your Internet Protocol Address: or “IP address”, is the number that your Internet Service Provider allocates to you when you go online and/or surf the internet. Your IP address and domain name may be logged by our servers when you visit the Clickoo Website, so that we are able to easily identify you. It also allows us to improve our management of the service we provide to you and identify any problems with our system.
    4. The operation of Cookies, GIFS and your IP address: We may use our trusted third parties to carry out the operation of the above technologies on our behalf. For the avoidance of doubt, no information regarding your personal identity, whatsoever, shall be collected during such operation.
  8. Security
    Clickoo makes its best efforts to ensure the protection of Personal Information from exploitation and loss. However, Clickoo does not warrant that your Personal Information will not be accessed by unauthorized third parties. We do nevertheless have in place various physical and electronic security measures (including but not limited to industry standard firewall and encryption security technologies) to protect your Personal Information. Personal Information is stored on our servers and those of trusted third parties. Access to these servers is restricted to only a limited number of employees.
  9. Mergers, Sales and Acquisitions
    Clickoo may at any time decide to merge with, sell part or all of our assets to or be acquired by another company. If any such transactions take place, your Personal Information may be handed over to the buying company and/or the company we merge with. We shall ensure that the security of your Personal Information is no less than as set out under the terms of this Privacy Policy after such a transaction. No such transactions shall take place if we are in any doubt as to the security of your Personal Information. Once such a transaction has been confirmed we shall alert you in respect of the same by posting a notice on the Clickoo Website.
  10. Policy Changes
    Clickoo may from time to time update or change this Policy (with or without giving notice to you). You will be able to view the revised Policy on the Clickoo Website. It is your responsibility to check the Clickoo Website for such changes. You agree that even if you should choose not to check for any changes to this Policy, by continuing to use the Clickoo Website and Clickoo Software, you accept and agree to the changes and any revised Policy.
  11. Personal and other information
    1. Clickoo always tries to ensure that you are able to access all of the information that you provide to us. Users are able to request changes, updates, or to delete any of their information as they see fit. Information that users choose to delete will only be maintained by us if it is necessary to do so by law or for genuine company objectives. However, individual users must identify themselves and the information to be changed, updated or deleted before Clickoo handles such requests. Requests should be submitted to our support team at info@Clickoo.com.
    2. We reserve the right to refuse requests that are excessively frequent, necessitate prolongued sophisticated technical expertise and/or are significantly costly, put the privacy of other users at risk, or are exceptionally unfeasible. Deleted information may be retained on our backup servers and may not be fully removed for a reasonable period of time.
    3. If you would like to change, update, or delete any of your information, please submit a request by email to team@Clickoo.com.
    4. You may opt not to receive emails from Clickoo in relation to news, promotions, special offers and other similar emails that we may send to you from time to time by selecting to unsubscribe from the particular email that you have received. If you want to remove your email address from our mailing list, you may send us an email at info@Clickoo.com with the subject UNSUBSCRIBE.
    5. If you decide that you want to permanently delete your account, you should contact Clickoo at “Clickoo Support” (available at http://www.Clickoo.com ) and submit your request.
  12. Contacting Clickoo in respect of this Policy
    If you have any questions or queries in relation to this Policy, you may contact us by email at info@Clickoo.com.

Additional Note for users downloading and/or using Clickoo in Hong Kong: